D is for…


We’re always doing something, aren’t we? Blogging. Sleeping. Eating. Working. Traveling. Nothing. What are we doing now? Well, the boys are in bed. Since there is no school tomorrow, the youngest is having a sleepover in the oldest’s bed. They chatted for 10 or 15 minutes before falling asleep. I think it’s one of the few times they simply talk to each other. So when they ask for a sleepover I don’t mind. Plus, it means they put each other to sleep and don’t need their mother and I to lay with them for a little while. I hope they’re learning to depend on each other in this way.

What were we doing today? We all had school, so there was that. Then we were babysitting a friend’s 9 year old afterward. Then, we dropped Bang off at church for his religion class while Crash went to visit his Nanny and Pop. It was date night for DW and I. We had an hour to ourselves. I bet you’re wondering how wild and crazy we were. How much did we let loose? Well, we went back to school for parent/teacher night.

Crazy, right?

Instead of asking their teachers what they’re doing? we asked how are they doing? Though, being teachers ourselves, we already know how they’re doing. We’re in touch with their teachers. We question the boys about their day. Of course, we have to be creative with the questions. Otherwise the only replys are “good” and “nothing”. The teachers gave us glowing reports on both boys. The youngest is a great writer and helps his classmates with their math. The oldest is doing much better focusing on getting his work completed and is using his time more effectively. DW and I both left the school glowing. Maybe we are doing this parenting thing right.

Needless to say, they are doing well. This makes us happy. While their grades are important because grades reflect how much they are learning and their level of effort, there is something slightly more important than letters on a report card.

Not only are they doing well, but they are doing good. They are helping their classmates. Bang helps his classmates with their math when they get stuck. His teacher wants to make sure she keeps challenging him so she asks him to help and he is excited to lend a hand. They are making and keeping friends. They are having sleepovers in each other’s bed and thereby helping each other fall asleep. They are helping a neighbor and Mother Nature by picking up garbage off the ground.  They are following directions, y’all.

Doing well is good. Doing good is better.



10 thoughts on “D is for…

  1. Great parenting and photo. You guys look like spring chickens 😊 We hardly go to teachers’ interviews. We used to go when they were little. When they reached high school we didn’t see the need. Plus with us both busy running around like headless chooks we always ended up forgetting the dates and that was that.
    Thank goodness the kids have been great and no problems at school.

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    • I Imagine as they get older we’ll have less need to go. But as teachers, we feel it’s important to send the message to the kids that we’re in touch with their teachers and aren’t afraid to go in and speak to them. We also send the message to the teacher that we like to keep in touch and aren’t shy about coming in. Double edged sword.

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      • Yes. It does get easier but harder as well. I’ve got two adult kids and sometimes you forget they are adults . But then they are not acting like adults either so double edged.

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