Sunday Share: Y2 W8

Are sugar free sugar wafers really sugar wafers? I know there’s more important, heavier matters if you will, to think about, but right now I just wanna think about these delicious sugar free “sugar” wafers. You can order a Big Mac with no meat. Is it still a Big Mac? How much of a work do I have change to make it not plagiarism?

I considered rounding up posts concerning Parkland and all the debates happening for today’s Sunday Share. Then I thought that might be too depressing, too much for a Sunday. Then I though about rounding up the funny stuff to bring some laughs where there might not be many. I though that wouldn’t be fair to completely ignore the elephant in the room. So I bring you a mix of both. I’ll let you choose…

Aging Millennial Engineer
My favorite post calling for ban. With over 10k shares, I’m not the only one…

The Salty Mamas
How to leave the house when you have kids…

Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Dad
Somewhere in a parallel universe we don’t have kids. Wonder what that’s like…

Max Kramer
It’s kinda long, but he clearly makes the arguments…

Coach Daddy
The inspiration for my “Go Ask Your Father” segments except wittier and funnier

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