29 For the 12th Time


Life can be fun when you are friends with a guy who has a morning show on the radio. I coached baseball with him last summer. DW and I joined him at his 40th birthday party a hundred years ago. So, when he did the radio’s “birthday show” this morning, he had some fun.

I had messaged him earlier with this message…

Me: Can we wish DW a happy birthday from her hubband and Crash and Bang? (names changed to protect the guilty)
Radioman: nope (sarcasm)
Radioman: age?
Me: 29 for the 12th time
Radioman: 41. Gotcha

And that is how he presented it for everyone in radioland to hear. However, he didn’t stop there. He proceeded to rant and rave about how awesome we are and that we “are that awesome couple who never fights.”

Honey, we are that awesome couple.

Now. Today. Finally.

It wasn’t always like that though. We’ve had our share disagreements. They were mostly when I refused to admit that you were right. We eventually learned to be a team.

I’m so grateful for that, too. Now the only fighting we do is when we try to make the kids clean. Or get them ready for school. Or get them ready for bed. Or get them leave Alexa alone.

Together, we’re like the Polar Express racing down Glacier Gulch. There ain’t no stopping us. Of course, the kids try. They wouldn’t be kids if they didn’t. But still, I wish they wouldn’t.

Anyway… today is your birthday. I tried ordering your Kleen Stride boots, but they didn’t have your size in stock. So for your birthday I’ll sing your praises. And like I tell the boys when they go to choir, sing loud, sing proud, even if you can’t carry a tune with two hands and a bucket.

You are the glue that holds this place together. If I’m the glue stick, you are the crazy glue gorilla glue… SUPER glue.  You’re not crazy (though you did marry me and have my kids, so maybe you are a little bit crazy). I’m more the gorilla type. You keep us put together; make sure we’re dressed appropriately, make sure we’re clean and smell nice (ish), and help keep the house from falling down around us. With two orangutans for kids, that’s easier said than done.

I love the way you keep us safe while I’m driving. You tell me to GO! at green lights, STOP! at red lights, and BRAKES! when someone pulls out in front of us. You ensure that everyone is buckled up before we drive away. You ensure that we wear helmets while biking and skating. You ensure we wear appropriate winter attire to prevent frostbite from the Canadian cold.

You are determined. You started your diet October 1st and you haven’t wavered from it in the slightest. With the exception of the temptations during Christmas, you’ve stuck with it. Even when you’re craving and I’m sitting there eating chips like a real arsehole. I’ve seen the difference it has made. You’re down a size in jeans! That alone is more reason to continue than the 24 pounds you have lost. I can see that you look slimmer. Others can see the difference, too. And I’m enjoying our walks while the boys skate, too. BONUS! For all of this, I am proud of you.

I love to hear what songs you tell Alexa to play. I love to watch you dance (shake that booty) when your favorite songs come on. I have it all on video. I value my life as much as yours so I’ll refrain from posting it anywhere. I love that you can see the humor in a certain six year old’s temper tantrum over the most mundane things (this morning it was his snow pants that he didn’t have to wear because it’s 9 degrees outside but he HAD to wear them because his teacher “forces” them to).

I love that you lay with the kids for a few minutes to get them sleep then wake up a few hours later and come to our bed.

I love that you let me be the dork that I am.
I love the pride you take in the projects you crochet.
I love the boys try to make me jealous by giving you all snuggles.
I love your well timed swear words.
I love that you have no idea what you want for your birthday. Don’t be surprised when the boys and I hand you this…


Pair it with the ukulele for a great band!

(warning, sappy part approaching)

Most importantly, I love you. All of you. Top to bottom. Front to back. Inside, Outside, Upside Down. You’ve got a kind heart, a caring soul, and always put us before yourself. Except today. Today is your day.

Happy birthday!


3 thoughts on “29 For the 12th Time

  1. “Sappy part approaching…” uhh…. 😉

    Happy belated bday to DW! This was such a sweet post.

    I LOLd about Alexa. We got a Google Home and the kids are driving me freaking nuts screaming out “HEY GOOGLE!”


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