Questions I Asked My Kids: Ep60

I asked these questions in October of 2016. There’s even a video that goes along with it. Back in that episode I was surprised to have done 25 episodes of questions. That’s nothing compared to 60. 600 questions is a lot. Though, it’s only equal to the number of questions I answer from them in a couple hours.

If you think of any questions that would be fun to ask kids, let me know down below.

If you’d like to ask your own munchkins these questions, feel free. Tag me in them so I can read them, too!

Happy laughing!

1. If we could have any animal for a pet, what would you like to have in the house?

Crash: A wolf
Bang: Lumberjack beetle so I can hear mom scream

Crash: 10 million miles
Bang: 3 million km

3. How far away is the sun?

Crash: 43 million miles
Bang: 25 trillion km

4. What is the internet?

Crash: Awesomeness
Bang: Something that keeps computers alive

5. What are you thankful for?

Crash: School and family and friends
Bang: Having electronics LOL (yes, he told me to type “LOL”)

6. If you could pick a superpower to have, what superpower would you want?

Crash: Flying or moving things with my mind
Bang: Boxing powers

7. What’s the grossest thing you can think of?

Crash: Cold McDonald’s fries
Bang: Poo vs pee and they both win. Poo mixes with pee and makes brown water

8. If you got an allowance, how much do you think you should get each week?

Crash: 5$ a chore
Bang: Quadrillion billion dollars

9. What song will you request Alexa to play?

Crash: Castle on the Hill
Bang: Base After Base from the game Geometry Dash. Or Carnival Hearts

10. Can you tell me a quick story?

Crash: once there was a cat. Once there was vacuum. The cat ran away.
Bang: a cat was scared of the vacuum. The end.



True story

10 thoughts on “Questions I Asked My Kids: Ep60

  1. Where on earth is the ‘adore’ button? Here’s hoping you continue with this series forever — or at least till Crash and Bang grow up (whichever comes last). My favorite exchange this time?

    10. Can you tell me a quick story?
    Crash: once there was a cat. Once there was vacuum. The cat ran away.
    Bang: a cat was scared of the vacuum. The end.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will continue with this until they tire of answering questions. Even then, I probably won’t quit. I’ve asked so many questions I’m having to repeat some of them. Bang told his cat story first. Crash was in a different room and “claimed” he didn’t hear Bang’s, yet came up with a nearly identical story. I hope these will be as fun to read in 20 years!

      Liked by 1 person

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