Questions I Asked My Kids: Ep55

There’s an age at which we don’t care what other think of us. We are young and innocent and naive. At some point we cross a line, reach a milestone, come to realize that other people have thoughts, too, and some of those thoughts are about us. Then we start to take notice of what we wear, how we look, what we do, what toys we play with. We go from hating jeans to wearing nothing but. We want to be in the “in crowd”. We want to belong. I’m not exactly sure when it happens, but somewhere between the age of 6 and 10. I know this because the 6 year old has no issue, and thinks it quite funny, to wear one boot and one shoe to walk to Nanny’s house. The 10 year old has to fix his hair before he leaves the house. The 6 year old will wear snow pants and a winter coat when it’s cold and snowy. The ten year old is too cool for snow pants. I’m proud of them both, though. No matter how much or little their desire to fit in is, they always try to include everyone in whatever they perceive to be the fad.

1. What do you like dreaming about?

Crash: Playing Minecraft with my classmates
Bang: Playing with my girlfriends in the yard. I have about 6 of them!

2. If you could do anything right now, what would you do?

Crash: Play Minecraft Play on the Switch
Bang: Be cricket and stay up late and hop around and play

3. What does it feel like when I hug you?

Crash: Like you love me
Bang: Pretty warm or pretty cold, but maybe really hot because you are hot sometimes

4. Did you help anyone today?

Crash: Yeah. I helped my friend when she dropped her pencil case and everything went everywhere.
Bang: I helped my friend when he was waiting in the front office. I told him his mom was in the gym.

5. What makes you awesome?

Crash: There’s a girl in my class who likes me. Maybe one or two!
Bang: That I’m an awesome listener. I put my hand up. I don’t call out and I keep my eyes on the teacher and I play safely and I’m nice and kind

6. What animal do wish could you could talk to and it could talk back?

Crash: Dolphins
Bang: I want to talk to a real dog and know what they’re saying

7. If you had to make your own supper, what would you eat?

Crash: Spaghetti. Get the noodles how they’re supposed to be. Then get the hamburger all brown and add the sauce
Bang: I wish I could make macaroni and cheese. I would make Kraft Dinner instead because there’s instructions on the box

The story behind this: For lunch one day I made what Canadians call “Kraft Dinner” which is macaroni and cheese. Bang didn’t want to eat the same thing as his brother and threw his temper tantrum. I asked him, “Want me to make macaroni and cheese for him and Kraft Dinner for you?” He was okay with that…

8. How tall is Santa?

Crash: 6 foot 2
Bang: Thirty feet

9. What are you tired of hearing?

Crash: No, when I don’t want to hear it
Bang: My brother go “mmmmm” (cow sound)

10. What 3 gifts did the wise men bring to Jesus when he was born?

Crash: I think one gave him gold, like treasure. One gave him a basket of berries. And one gave him a bottle of rum.
Bang: A front loader, a digger, and clothes

(Guess what story we’ll be reading next…)

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16 thoughts on “Questions I Asked My Kids: Ep55

  1. Snow pants! How I remember hating them. My mom made me wear them to school when it was snowy out. Which doesn’t sound so bad, except that this was in the Dark Ages when girls had to wear dresses to school. Which meant I had snow pants on under my dress.


    • Ahhh yes, the Dark Ages. I never had the pleasure (thank god) of wearing snow pants under my dress. I’ve come to appreciate snow pants and their dryness and warmth. I suppose when I was 10 I sung a different tune.

      Liked by 1 person

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