The Daily Elf: December 6th

What a day the poor elves had. They thought they’d be cute and hang out on the wreath that’s on the front door.

Unfortunately, the wreath hangs on the outside of the door. I suppose in hindsight, we should have used the side door to leave for school.

But we didn’t.

As we were leaving through the Elf Door they let go. Apparently, they weren’t hanging on very tight. The next thing we knew they were laying on the porch in the rain. DW did what I would have done and got their fuzzy butts off the porch and back inside where it’s dry. Unfortunately, the kids who can’t see the mess surrounding them saw DW touch the elves. Anyone who knows the story of the Elf knows they aren’t to be touched or they lose their Christmas magic and can’t get back to the North Pole.

After school we found the elves snuggled up. It was clear they were not feeling good.

Fortunately, our neighbor (the one Bang is going to marry in April) and her siblings have two elves, as well. After school, Bang got busy writing a letter NoMo and Buddy next door. The hope is that they can help Woody and Elfis make it back to Santa this evening. Christmas magic is pretty strong around here, so we’re very hopeful.

11 thoughts on “The Daily Elf: December 6th

  1. Hehehe that’s cute. Ours used to leave food for Santa and the reindeers. One Christmas our youngest asked how does Santa being that big fit through the chimney? Her brother replied. It’s magic. He makes himself smaller to go in and blows himself up again on the way out 😂

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  2. My kids’ friend accidentally touched their elf one year. The girls were distraught. In a moment that surprised even me, I said, “Quick! We have to make paper snowflakes!” I didn’t explain why, but made it sound SUPER important. So they forgot about the magic, I assured them Sally would be ok, and they kept busy for a little bit 😉

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