The Daily Elf: December 5th

There wasn’t too much trouble today. Elves don’t mind the cold. We have found them in the fridge before. They enjoy drinking the maple syrup. Today it wasn’t syrup.

It was a Coke Cola. The bottle was full when they were found this morning. I’m not entirely sure it was their Coke. It didn’t have their name on it. It was Boss Man’s Coke! I hope they don’t get into too much trouble.

3 thoughts on “The Daily Elf: December 5th

  1. Oh the sugar high! I bet they’ll be up for something really naughty with all that Coke!!!!

    Now I feel like having a sip of a coke!cold, cold glass of coke filled with ice. Doesn’t matter it’s cold outside. It’s s sudden craving! How’s that?!


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