The Daily Elf: Dec. 4th

The excitement was palpable this morning. Bang found the elves and he loved what he saw. Woody was atop our printer while Elfis was sandwiched in the scanner. Woody was making copies of him. Bang then took the copy to school to show his teacher and classmates.

Later, while the boys were at school, the elves moved. It was Elfis’s turn to copy and he chose to copy Woody’s hat. I’m just glad they chose NOT to sit on it and make copies of their elf butts…

12 thoughts on “The Daily Elf: Dec. 4th

  1. My kids are all teenagers. They all still insist upon our elf, Scoutie, showing up. Scoutie is relatively boring though. The most exciting thing he seems to do each year is battle it out with a Pokemon plushie.

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    • That’s awesome they still want Scoutie to show up. Chances are good that will be this house. For me, it just doesn’t get old (or at least not yet). You should surprise them with something crazy just once πŸ™‚


    • The story I heard was that some mom started it as a simple game for her two daughters 30 years ago and the two daughters did it with their kids. Word got out about what they were doing and now everyone(?) does it. The boys love seeing them. The story for the kids is that they report the kids behavior back to Santa every night, but we don’t put that kind of pressure on them (just causes more meltdowns). For us it’s just a fun game that creates a bit of excitement for the holidays.


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