Sunday Share: Week 47

Can you believe we’re just 3 weeks from Christmas Eve? It seems like just last week were were escorting a skeleton and an alien on a trick-or-treat excursion. Now here we are approaching Christmas. Our house is all decked out. The tree is up and lit. The caroling scene is shining. The Polar Express is chugging along. Check out the Instagram to see picture of it all. Also, the elves are back and The Daily Elf along with them. This is our 6th year with them. We’ve had Woody as long as we’ve had Bang!

I’ll leave my usual links for your reading enjoyment while I go see what they’re going to get into tomorrow…

Lucky Otters Haven
What kind of blogger are you? I think I can myself into several categories…

Return of the Modern Philosopher
Santa Satan and a plan for carolers…

When the Kids Go To Bed
Historical fiction series – I Survived… you get more than just the facts!

Maybe I’ll Shower Today
Parents of kids with allergies tell us parents of kids without allergies what they would like us to know…

We love to watch our kids sleep so peacefully. Sometimes our kids enjoy watching us sleep. Then they name you a champion…

Lastly, in case you missed it, my favorite post that I wrote this week was titled How To Tell If You’re A Parent. There are so many ways. Feel free to comment there how you know you are a parent.



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