The Daily Elf: Dec. 2


DW’s phone takes better quality pictures by far. So I just use her phone then Bluetooth it to my phone. Ahhh technology these days is superb. Wonder what technology will look like in the next 20 or 50 years…

Woody is a big fan of the star. It’s his favorite shape. Even more so when they sparkle and glitter and shine so bright. Elfis’s favorite color is red. Woody would rather be in jeans. If you remember this morning’s photo, you’ll know that they watched us set up our Christmas tree last night. Apparently, they love our “memories” tree. It’s so full of days gone bye. First Christmases. So many crafts made through the years in school. So many ornaments collected at various stages our lives. I wouldn’t have it any other way. You can keep your perfectly symmetrical, each ornament in it’s place, fancypants tree. I like them, but they’re not for us. That 18 meters of red stuff is as fancypants as we get.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish up my 10 second tidy before some friends come over…

Elves Magic Explore Quote Terry Brooks

One of my favorite authors…

5 thoughts on “The Daily Elf: Dec. 2

  1. We’re the same with our tree, with lots of handmade ornaments and nothing matching — I have a couple of ornaments my grandma saved that I made myself. I love it. We also have a tradition of buying a new ornament each year for each kid (something my stepmom started with me when I was younger) that represents them in some way, and when they grow up and move out, they’ll get to take their ornaments (sob) to have to decorate their own tree.

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