Sunday Share: Week 47

We’re down to just 29 sleeps. Exactly 4 weeks from today will be Christmas Eve. The weather here is balmy (literally) 12 degrees Celsius (53F). It was like that yesterday, too. We spent yesterday day hanging Christmas lights and decorating outside. For me, it was an excellent excuse to hang out on the roof (see my Instagram for that photo op). While you’re there you might as well follow me because our Elves will be returning on Friday and you’re not going to want to miss the shenanigans they get into. I will be posting their daily antics in what I call “The Daily Elf”.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Bang is pretending to be Joseph and he needs a wise man.

His Girl Friday
On letting kids be kids this Christmas…

Mom Maintenance
On starting the blogging journey…

Ipuna Black
No matter which walk of life you are from, walk with kindness…

Where Are Your Pants
The dilemma over cell phones, bras, and boys can teach us as much about parenting as it does our kids about life…

Ah Dad
What do you do when the birds set off your house alarm? Make birdpie…

p.s. I LOVE sharing your posts. All I ask for is a simple thanks (and perhaps share this wherever you feel like sharing). 

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