What month we’d phase out, in 6 words

Eli, the Coach Daddy, wanted to cross a month off the calendar, but he wasn’t sure which one. So he asked his strange blogger friends which month they would erase and why. With just six words, we told him…

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Just a dad ...

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This month, we’re editing months.

GAD GRAPHICWhich makes no sense, if you could see my life right now. It entails zero time to do things I love – namely, converse with my blogging friends and eat enchiladas. I even had to alter my procedure for Six Words to get enough entries this month.

Normally, I invite people by email after I’ve visited their blog – or answer email sent to me asking for the prompt.

This month, I read fewer blogs than I could eat enchiladas. So I sent out word by social media. The response was strong! Once a month, as you know, I ask strangers, friends, bloggers, and strange blogger friends to respond to a prompt in six words.

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