Sunday Share: Week 46

I’m here to remind you that Christmas is now quickly approaching. Relatively speaking, anyway. There are just 36 more sleeps. That’s five weeks and a day. Five more Sundays! One hand, I’ll miss some traditions we used to have. On the other hand, I’m more excited for this Christmas than in Christmases past. I can almost smell the cinnamon rolls baking in the oven and the coffee and tea brewing in the Keurig.

I just hope we make it past 6 am…

Till then, happy reading!

True North Nomad
Never give up hope, even when hope is all that’s left…

Stories of Four Boys
When your classroom seems to be all boys, yet they still break your heart..

Old House in the Shires
Advice from a teacher for when your child is stressed about going to school…

Mom of Two Little Girls
Sometime we laugh with our kids. Sometimes we laugh at our kids…

Humor Columnist Blog
She tells the history of Thanksgiving like she was actually there… sort of…

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Share: Week 46

  1. Thanks for the plug. Some history teachers, get quite upset over this article saying it is hard enough to teach kids history without confusing them any more. I see their point, but what good is life if you can’t have a little fun?

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    • You’re very welcome. Thanks for the laugh. I think the teachers should calm down and use it as a lesson on picking out fact from fiction. With all the parodies and satire floating around, it should be a crutial skill πŸ™‚

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