10 Questions I Asked My Kids

Day 7 of 7 day of black and white photographs of my life. No people. No explanations.

Thanks Sandra for nominating me for this challenge! I nominate DW.

Dumb 10 frames! I want to do algebra!

These two sentence were uttered during our trick-or-treating trek. We happened upon a house who’s owner works at the boys’ school. Six year old Bang decided to wow her with his knowledge of algebra.

I know algebra! 4 plus A equals 8. A equals 4. But I know harder ones too. 4 plus A equals 1. A equals minus 3.

I taught him this in just a few minutes one day and now he’s hooked. I taught him addition with carrying, too. It only took him three problems to figure that out. He loves it. My next step will be to teach him subtraction with borrowing. He catches on to math concepts so quickly. Crash and I are jealous! I know exactly where I’ll get some worksheets for him to do, too. Education.com is great for teachers, parents, teacher-parents, and students. There are themed worksheet generators, games, mazes and they cover content across the curriculum from primary (kindergarten) to 5th grade.

Make a splash and practice 3-digit subtraction with Education.com’s kayaking-themed worksheet. Kids can get more fun subtraction activities here.

Disclosure: The opinions expressed here are entirely my own. The affiliate expressed permission to appear on this blog at my discretion. Links were provided by the affiliate. I was not compensated for this promotion.

subtractsubtract answers

1. Who is your favorite TV/book/story character and what do you like about him/her?

Crash: Raven from Teen Titans Go, because I like that show.
Bang: Justin Time because they do fun sorts of stuff like going to the moon

2. What’s one thing you would change about Dad?

Crash: You would say yes to everything I want you to say yes to and no to everything I want you to say no to.
Bang: You never have to clean

3. What’s one thing you would change about Mom?

Crash: Nothing
Bang: I would change Mom to love Splatoon 2

4. What’s one thing you would change about yourself?

Crash: Get rid of the flakey stuff in my hair
Bang: I would never have to sleep and I can have baths all day

5. Where do clouds come from?

Crash: They’re made from water vapor when sun heats up water and it goes up and makes clouds
Bang: The sun evaporates water and the sun makes the warm air into cold air which is the cloud

6. How much do humpback whales weigh?

Crash: 5 metric tons (converts to 33,000 pounds)
Bang: 15 million pounds

Actual weight: 50-80,000 pounds

7. If you had $20, what would you do with it?

Crash: Buy a Google Play card then buy a car from “Drive Ahead” and games and books
Bang: I would save it to get a hatchimal

8. If we got a boat, what could we name it?

Crash: S.S. Wood
Bang: The Navy Ship

9. Who is the most beautiful person in the world?

Crash: Me (I was neither surprised nor impressed with this answer)
Bang: Mom

10. How did you help someone today?

Crash: I was climbing with a friend at school and she slipped and I grabbed her hand so she wouldn’t fall
Bang: I helped my friends have fun by playing with them

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