Sunday Share: Week 39

30 days to Halloween! What are you going to be this year?
85 days to Christmas! 60 days until we put up the Christmas tree, signaling Woody and Elfis to return from the North Pole.

I’ve been going through my list of blogs I subscribe to. I’m finding many that haven’t posts for 6 months or more. I know blogging isn’t something everyone keeps doing. People fall off the blogging bandwagon all the time. Perhaps they didn’t like writing after all. Perhaps it was because they didn’t go “viral”. Perhaps they were abducted by aliens. How long do you allow someone to not blog before you kick them off your subscriber list because you figure they’re done or alien abducted? I’d like to clean up my list by removing those who are done. Do you do that? It sure would make looking for great posts to share much easier.

The Salty Mamas
A stress free, picture perfect picture day for your kids… Or not…

Snoozing on the Sofa
Saving the family from invasion…

Motherhood Made Me Do It
Small talk or get naked? Both?

Lisa Pomerantzster
Solving the world’s problems around the supper table…

Riddle from the Middle
The next Driver’s Ed course…

All In A Dad’s Work
4 question my kids asked me…

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Share: Week 39

  1. I was just thinking about how few of the blogs I started following a year ago are still actively posting. I think that blogging takes so much time and effort that it’s very hard to keep at it unless you’re disciplined, have a constant stream of ideas (or some kind of crazy schtick like asking your kids and parents questions – can you imagine?!?! πŸ™‚ ), and can carve out a regular amount of time for it.
    It’s kind of like people sticking with working out at the gym…!

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    • Sometimes I think about how it’d be nice if I had the same discipline for exercising that I have for blogging. When I’m blogging consistently, anyway. I guess making the Sunday Share is the blogging version of having a thigh gap πŸ˜€


  2. I know for me personally I try to keep at it. But occasionally I fall behind.

    Not six months behind but still. (And yes 6mo is definitely grounds for unfollowing… or maybe I’m just heartless and don’t like wasting time searching through blogs with no activity?)

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    • Exactly! 6 months is a looooong break. I’m thinking I’ll make that my cut off. If they haven’t blogged for a half a year, I’m unsubscribing from them. If they decide to come back and write again I’ll resubscribe. It’s tough to keep at it for so long. Especially when it’s just a hobby (no $$)!

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    • Right you are Becca! I was reading her story about her stressing over making her son’s first school picture perfect and I was laughing. The she shared the photo and I nearly busted a gut laughing. Priceless.

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    • You’re very welcome for the share. Sometimes we make those bumps in the road out to be mountains, though… We just do what we can and get by doing this adulting thing the best we can.


    • Exactly, sometimes you just don’t have the time or ambition for foresight to say hey, I’m gonna be gone for x days/weeks/months but I’ll be back. I know some who I read regularly (ie you) up and disappear for a bit but I never give up on you because I know you’ll be back whenever you’re done going through whatever it is you’re going through. Others I’m not so sure about. I figure if they’re gone for 6 months I’ll unsubscibe and should they return I’ll hopefully rediscover them πŸ™‚

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