Go Ask Your Father: The First Baby, Bugatti Buying, A Thumbprint, and Helicopters

The littlest one is our philosopher, a thinker. He stumped me with a question this morning…

If we all start as babies who can’t do anything by ourselves, how did the first baby grow up to be an adult?

Huh? Really? You’re asking me who raised the first baby? I don’t even know who the first baby was. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my father. My only response was counter-intuitive

There was always an adult before the baby to raise them…

Logically, how does that answer even make sense? If all chickens come from eggs, how was there a chicken to lay the first egg to raise the egg into a chicken? If all pumpkins come from seeds, how was there a seed made for that first pumpkin? There had to be a first, right? You can’t go infinitely back in time. Can you?

Now I’m sitting here wondering why I’m me and not, lets say, a pumpkin. Or a fish. Or a donkey…

Or someone else entirely. Or nobody at all…

1. Where can you buy a Bugatti?

Nowhere. They’re just slightly out of our price range by a million or so…


First you have to find a dealership that will sell you a Bugatti. For us, the nearest one is a 12 hour drive. Then you simply start a conversation with a sales rep. Through conversation, the trained rep will pick up on cues that you either a) a serious buyer or b) just browsing. After a talk that could last either 20 minutes or 5 hours depending on how much bragging you care to do about your car collection, yachts, art, real estate around the world, etc… you will have the chance to take one for a test drive. This will set you back about $300,000. JUST FOR A TEST DRIVE! They will fly you, via private jet, to the test drive track. Once you’ve committed to buying you will be sent to the factory where they are built buy hand in an extremely clean environment. This will set you back an additional $2.2 million. Once financed, your Bugatti Chiron will be delivered between 18 and 36 months.

But that’s a small price to pay to drive 250 miles per hour and use a tank of gas in 12 minutes.

2. How did they make mom’s necklace with Guppie’s Thumbprint?

grand-rim_with_rim_ssMom’s pendant urn was made by a jeweler. First they came to get his thumbprint at the hospital. They used a digital scanner to get it. Doing it digitally means they’ll always have it on file. Then they made the pendant itself and loaded the thumbprint file into a computer. The computer then used an etcher to engrave his thumbprint into the pendant. Now mom can have a piece of Guppie and his thumbprint wherever she goes.

3. How high can a helicopter fly?

In 2005, Didier Delsalle piloted a record flight to the summit of Everest at 29,035 feet. However, flying this high is more dependant on the engine’s ability to use the thin air than the rotors’ ability to provide lift. With less air at the higher altitude the rotors have less to push down own. Think of jumping off the ground versus jumping off an inflatable raft in the pool. There’s less resistance below you on the raft which will make it very difficult to gain any height. Whereas, if jump off the deck an into the pool you’ll fly much higher and farther. But also, with the thinner air at higher altitudes, the engine creates less energy as well. Without proper combustion the rotors will slow down. That’s why cars don’t work underwater – there’s no air. A turbine helicopter engine can generally reach 25,000 feet. For comparison, the highest airliner flight was 60,000 feet.

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