Sunday Share: Week 38

Exactly 3 months from today, 91 days. 12 weeks.

Canadian Thanksgiving is a few weeks away. Then Halloween. Then American Thanksgiving.

Yes. We celebrate both. More turkey for us.

But as I sit here writing today’s Sunday Share, I can’t help but think about life. We’re watching (aka catching up) on the AGT finales. We’re watching their final performaces and just saw Evie Claire. We’re floored that her dad passed the week of the finale from colon cancer, yet, here was this 13 year old girl pouring her heart into What A Wonderful World on the world’s stage. Even if she doesn’t win, she is the toughest young lady.

On a side note, I love that none of the judges on American’s Got Talent are American. There’s two Britains, A German, and a Canadian.

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Share: Week 38

  1. Do Canadians watch American TV? If so, what are Americans watching these days? Maybe some serials that we French stock in our libraries (I enjoyed the Psycho remake and the Sopranos). Also, the French buy a lot of American TV productions, which they show in multiple versions in prime time. Good for me, I can see the original.

    The best movie I’ve seen all year? Polanski’s “Carnage” (2011). Boy, was that a long wait. (Six years.)


  2. I am so down with two Thanksgivings and more turkey. We do that only because when we have our large gather of family, there are few leftovers. SO we have a mini Thanksgiving just the 4 of us. Its something we started a few years back.

    I love the meme at the end of this blog sir!

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    • The kids have come to know the weekend after American Thanksgiving as the weekend we put up our Christmas tree and the Christmas tree brings elves 🙂 Excited abound! I love the idea of a small Thanksgiving for just your fam.

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