Sunday Share: Week 36

monkey back

They’re so much cuter when they get along…

There are 365 days in a year.

52 weeks.

We’re on number 36. That leaves 16 weeks until the end of 2017.

15 until Christmas morning. I feel torn posting how many day until Christmas like I usually do. The way Harvey, Irma, and now possibly Jose wreck havoc. There are wildfire burning. There’s flooding around the world. People aren’t looking to Christmas. They’re looking to tomorrow. Recovering what remains. Trying to save what’s most important. Waiting for the storm to arrive, waiting for the storm to blow through, waiting to pick up the pieces.

Yet, I still see news anchors arguing with scientists by asking, “Do you have definitive proof that climate change is the cause of all this?” Nah, three consecutive record strength hurricanes is just coincidence. That’s a rant for a whole post of it’s own…

Stay safe Florida and Caribbean!
The rest of us can do some reading.

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