Monday Share: Week 35

In exactly 16 weeks it will be Christmas night. The gifts will all be exchanged. Santa will have made his magical appearance and elves will have hitched a ride off their shelf. Maybe there will be snow, this year. Maybe it’ll be 20C (70F) again. Bellies will be stuffed with stuffed turkey. For just one day, all will be right with the world…

But for now, it’s September. The kids backpacks are stuffed like Christmas turkeys with all their back-to-school supplies. They’re all fresh and clean and smelling like their bath bombs from Lush. The youngest is a bit sparkly from his and he loves it. His mother sniffed him and he was furious. He fussed at her, Don’t lick my sparkles off! 

Whether your part of the world is beginning to settle and chill into winter’s sleep or it’s just waking from it’s slumber, sit back and read a post that I forgot to share yesterday because I forgot what day it was…

I think I like the Monday Share better, anyway.

ps. I hope you had an amazing Labor Day weekend!
pps. Let me know down the comments which link you checked out. Thanks a bazillion!

A runner, a whiner, and $100 bucks unclearly spent, but at least back-to-school shopping got done. Mostly.

Three’s A Herd
When you want to live in the now, but you also need to know what tomorrow brings…

Harsh Reality
When you put in the time, the time gives back…

Damn, Girl! Get Your Shit Together (Thanks to Riddle from the Middle for this little gem)
4 things Millennials might not know…

Tania 2 a Tee
When you’re kids are more excited to return to school than you are…

All In A Dad’s Work
A little rant about the end of summer, back to school, and teacher support…

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16 thoughts on “Monday Share: Week 35

  1. Thanks for sharing my blog! I also loved that line “don’t kick my sparkles off” So cute. I hope all kids have a great day today and great year ahead!

    P. S. I too am going to make more time to visit other blogs. Thanks for the inspiration!


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