The passage of time

Four years ago two boys rode a purple dragon. They were 6 and 2 years old.

Today they are four years older, taller, smarter, saucier…
Somehow, four years slipped by us. The days are long, but the years are short. I could go on, but we all know that time passes without us even realizing it. Like a puddle drying after it rains. It’s there, then it’s gone. Like a sapling you plant as a kid becomes a tree your kids can climb like monkeys. We parents realize in small increments that our kids can ride without training wheels, they can swim without a life jacket, they no longer need a booster seat. I said we would recreate that photo. We did. We made it our mission to get this photo before we did anything else at the water park. 

Again, they rode the purple dragon. They are suddenly 10 and 6.

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21 thoughts on “The passage of time

      • I’m in Australia . The kids get to drink at 18 and also go for their car licence at 18. It was funny because when we were in Hawaii last year our oldest weren’t allowed to drink so she missed out on all the booze.

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      • They get their learners at 16 and then it’s 120 hours of supervised driving til they can sit for their drivers at 18.
        We’ve done 1 only 2 more to go . Our 18 years old son is not too fussed . He’s only done about 20-30 hours . He thinks he can wait til he’s 21 and get it without the 120 hours of supervised driving .


  1. Awww ❤ Yes, stop growing, please! Or at least slow it down a little.

    There is a hotel at the beach that we go to that has a pool with a fountain shaped like a seal in it. Have pictures of my dad sitting on it as a kid, me as a kid, and then both of my kids.


  2. ” Like a puddle drying after it rains. It’s there, then it’s gone ” Beautiful. Beautifully sad, but beautiful nonetheless. Odd that you should post this right when I’ve been thinking along the same lines. (Summer gets me waaaay more nostalgic than, say, Christmas. Which I guess is odd, but maybe not.) Anyway. Nice to know someone else is out there feeling the same life-is-way-too-short feelings!


  3. You say that time “slips by.” I maintain that it “envelops and heals” most things, which are broken to begin with. Of course some things don’t fix with time — like Microsoft software or some products imported from China. Most things do. And at the ripe old age of _ (how old are you again?) you look back on your life like vintage wine from fine old kegs, from the cork to the dregs. I could continue forever, but I think you get my point, and this stupid Leave a Reply box Reply box is developing a time stutter. It must be broken.


    • Computers and machines never heal with time. It could be argued that time heals all wounds. But does it? I think it’s more like sediment. Over time it buries what was once broken. We’re left with the scars to remind us of what was once upon a time.


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