Sunday Share: Week 27

Happy Belated birthday, Canada. 150 years old! Back when Dinosaurs were inventing water. We celebrated by wearing our matching Canada 150 shirts, eating a free pancake breakfast, checking out some tall ships (105 feet tall to be exact), eating some free hotdogs and Canada’s birthday cake. There was music, bouncy castles, spray on tats, and tired, cranky kids who then had to go home and clean their room after supper.

Happy Canada Day!

J.A. Allen (Guest post written by Ward Clever)
Hilariously punny story about a Mayor…

Dorky Mom Doodles
Parenting lessons learned – complete with graphs

Ipuna Black
The importance of scars…

Coach Daddy
I didn’t answer questions last week, but Eli did!

A Momma’s View
The sum is worth more than the parts… a post inspired by another blogger.

All In A Dad’s Work
Yep, my own post from 2 years ago about being “mean”…

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