Questions I Asked My Kids: Ep 46

I had the questions all planned. I was all set. We all know what happens when we make plans… The universe laughs at us. Immediately after school we took a little road trip (40 minutes) for a doctor’s appointment. Bang asked if we needed to pack for the hotel.

For a 40 minute trip!

We got home just in time for bed. Unfortunately, I had a meeting so I couldn’t ask the questions. So they were asked this morning over cinnamon, banana, chocolate chip pancakes.

1. Who was I before I was me? (thanks mikealixonline)

Crash: A kid?
Bang: Nemo

2. If you changed your hair to animal hair, which animal’s hair would you have?

Crash: Cat hair
Bang: Horse hair

3. What does it mean to be beautiful?

Crash: Have dresses and make up and that stuff
Bang: Very nice

4. What song do you want to hear in the truck?

Crash: Everything is Awesome
Bang: Thunderstruck (the rock and roll bug is setting in)

5. What do you like doing most with your brother?

Crash: Playing Wii
Bang: Building train tracks

7. What’s the most annoying thing about your brother?

Crash: When he annoys me for the fun of it
Bang: He wakes up in his underwear (the irony of it is Bang is in his underwear, too)

8. What do you want to do this weekend?

Crash: Play video games
Bang: Play the Wii all day

9. What’s your favorite truck?

Crash: Excavator
Bang: Log Hauler

10. How much money will Mom and Uncle Kevin raise for Relay for Life? You can check out their fundraiser page here.

Crash: More than $15,000
Bang: Over a hundred million thousand gazillion dollars. 


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