Let’s Play Ball!

I love baseball season. Opening day was a big day for me, even though my Orioles didn’t play at home that day.

Today, baseball started for Crash. There are two teams he could have potentially made. The first is the Rep team. They’re a provincial team, meaning they will play other Rep from across Nova Scotia. He didn’t make that team. That’s okay, though. You win some and you lose some and sometimes you don’t get what you want. It was a learning experience.

This evening was the first practice for the house teams. These are the teams everyone who wants to be on a team gets to be on one. Last year there were 4 teams. This year there might be 3, maybe only 2. Someone, somewhere created a rule that kids on Rep teams can’t play on house teams, too. Normally, those kids would be divvied up between the house teams to keep one team from being a power house.

This year, as of right now, that won’t happen and that’s a whole team’s worth of players.

Anyway, Crash did well this evening. He hit, he ran, he caught. Of course, being in Blue Jay territory, kids were referring to Goins and Pillar and Bautista. Crash and I refer to Machado, Trumbo, Jones, and Davis.

Also, I enjoy coaching. I’ve coached soccer, wrestling, golf, and I may be about to add baseball to that resume. I had a blast being the dad last season and watching. Now I may get to be dad and coach and must say, I’m a bit excited.

But this isn’t about me. It’s about Crash learning one of the games I love (soccer is my other favorite). He learned a lot last year. I’m hopeful he’ll learn even more this year.

I hung a blanket from the ceiling in the basement. Then I took the tee down down there. There is just enough room for me take some swings. If there’s room for me, there’s room for the boys, too. We’ve been hitting a few balls into the blanket.

Yes. We’re playing baseball in the house. So far, no one has been hurt and nothing has been broken.



11 thoughts on “Let’s Play Ball!

  1. I remember having my dad as a coach for Baseball. I loved it! Those were some of my favorite memories.

    P.S. I’m planning on going to a Baltimore game when I travel up there for work in a few weeks. Kind of excited (Understatement)


    • To say I’m jealous that you’ll be in Camden Yards is an understatement. Have fun! I think me coaching Crash will be a good thing. He still thinks I’m a cool dad and loves having me around.


  2. My husband and I coached Little Man’s baseball team one year (the last year he played). Loved it! You make me a bit jealous, as we both love that game so much and LM doesn’t care about it. Maybe BG.

    I hope Crash has a good season! Baseball in the house sounds fun 😀


    • I’ll get some video of baseball in the house. If my dad had done this when I was 9 I wouldn’t have stopped. Crash doesn’t seem to interested, though. Tryouts now, but the games won’t start until July. Good Luck with BG!


  3. I will not tell my kids that you play inside. They would want to too. But we do not have a basement. Otherwise I would consider it. Letting them play soccer in the basement. But not in the living room… oh no…


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