Sunday Share: Week 22


In case you’re counting, there are 210 days until Christmas!

You’re probably not counting, though. Neither am I.

But just like Christmas Eve, not a creature is stirring. The boys are asleep with visions of God knows what dancing in their dreams. The parrot is covered and quiet (until she screeches for a treat at 9:30). With it so peaceful, I leave you these good reads for this evening. Or morning for those of you on the other side.

One Good Dad
Where do you sit?

Hopeless Mom*Antics
Keep on Killin’ it!

Mom of Two Little Girls
Is all of it necessary?

Hold Me, Don’t Hold Me
Our kids are jerks (sometimes)

A Momma’s View
Making more love…

I’m still singing Nancy Mulligan

She was Nancy Mulligan
And I was William Sheeran
She took my name and then we were one
Down by the Wexford border



14 thoughts on “Sunday Share: Week 22

  1. Thank you kindly for the share! ☺️ I can’t WAIT for Christmas, although I’m firstly looking forward to a healthy dose of Halloween, my favorite! ☺️🎃👻💀👽👹


  2. Hey, thanks so much for the shout out once again! I am counting by the way 🙂 We actually have our little corner where we keep a tiny blackboard with a Christmas countdown which starts immediately after Christmas 😉


  3. Thanks so much for the share. This post was very important for me so I am glad it was liked enough for you to share. Reading this at 06.00am in South Africa.


    • You’re very welcome for the share. I really dig the whole girl power thing, but really, I think the biggest power is the freedom to choose what you want. And Hello S. Africa! I really dig S. Africa too, because your government sent Canada 300 firefighters to help battle one of Canada largest wildfires last year.

      Liked by 1 person

      • freedom to choose is very precious.
        Love Canada too – my husband’s been wanting to immigrate for years. lol

        Liked by 1 person

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