Questions I Asked My Kids: ep 43

1. If you were to make a new flavor of potato chip, what flavor would you make?

Crash: Strawberry
Bang: Strawberry apple
Mom: Asiago something

2. If you create a new baseball team to play the Orioles, what would their name be and what colors is their uniform?

Crash: The Benchwarmers and they’d be light brown and white
Bang: Their uniform would be yellow and black and white. Their name would be The Jeffy Bronze
Mom: [stares blankly]

3. If you had to change your name to something in this room, what would you be called?

Crash: Janigle (one of his stuffies)
Bang: Wall
Mom: George (as in Curious George)

4. If Canada were to make a new coin, who’s face should they put on it?

Crash: My own
Bang: Pop Pop’s
Mom: Mine

5. Would you rather have 4 eyes or 4 arms. Why?

Crash: 4 arms so I could do the dishes faster (he doesn’t do dishes)
Bang: 4 arms so I can floss my teeth faster
Mom: 4 arms so I can get more done

6. What would be the coolest why to go to school?

Crash: Bugatti
Bang: Airplane
Mom: Hovercraft

7. What would be the grossest jelly bean flavor?

Crash: Snot
Bang: Hippopotamus
Mom: Poop

8. If you had to describe yourself with one word, what would you NOT use?

Crash: Stupids
Bang: Boring
Mom: Skinny

9. What song do you want to listen to in the truck?

Crash: That song on Google Play music that made us laugh (it was on Ini Kamoze station, but I have no idea which song or who sings it)
Bang: Here Comes the Hotstepper
Mom: Play that Song

10. What animal would be funny to bring into our house?

Crash: Elephant because when he sits on the couch he’ll break it
Bang: Another Piper (quaker parrot)
Mom: Monkeys who fling poo at Hubband

9 thoughts on “Questions I Asked My Kids: ep 43

    • We do have a Quaker. We love her, though she doesn’t love us much. She was 6 years old when we got and we think her previous owner didn’t treat her too well. She’ll allow us to handle her, but she still bites sometimes. Had we gotten a hand fed baby, she would have been so much nicer.

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      • Awww, yeah birds are tough like that. They don’t seem to respond well to post-baby training like dogs do, for example. I’m glad yours lets you handle her; hopefully she doesn’t draw blood at least.
        Growing up we had a hand-fed cocktiel that was tame as could be, but she still bit us (never sure why….). Then I got a red-rumped parakeet (sort of the same size as a Quaker or a rosella) who was maybe 4yo and not tamed – it was impossible to tame her! 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      • They smart animals but really hard to train! Piper has drawn blood, from everyone in our house. After we first got her, it took 3-4 months of DW being in her face to be able to handle her. She’s the first bird I’ve ever owned.


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