How to Find Me

Instead of playing Where’s Waldo, we’ll play Where’s Woody (a nickname of mine). I’m feeling brave and am hoping to reach more people so I’ve gone ahead and created a companion Facebook site. You can find it at .


Like it because it’s likeable. Follow it because it’ll be entertaining. Share it because you want to entertain your friends. Or not.It’ll be your loss….

I’ve discovered I’m only getting an average of 70 views a month from Facebook. That works out to 2.333 views per day. My goal is to clear my personal FB site of blog posts and post them to the new page.

Sunday Share coming tomorrow!

p.s. You can also find me on twitter!

14 thoughts on “How to Find Me

      • Interesting. Nice chain reaction 🙂 That’s why I was looking to switch FB sites. I’ve been posting every single post to my personal FB account and I’m sure people are tired of seeing them. I’ve got my WP account to share with the new FB site now.

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    • I’m basing my FB stats on the stats WordPress has given me. For the month of April it says that 45 views came from FB. On one hand, that’s 45 views. On the other hand, that’s only a view and half a day. Let me know if you try it!


    • And when people Google the definition of awesome they’ll find your picture. Thanks a million for sharing! I’m hoping to gain a few more followers this way. I’m also hoping it’s not more work than I bargained for 🙂

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