After the Kids Go To Bed

What a nuisance bedtime is. Kids hate it. Parents hate that their kids hate it. For us in the Northern Hemisphere (the top of the world) it stays lighter laters. There was still a hint of daylight left tonight at 8:30. You can imagine how bright it was 2 hours earlier.


Crash was outside at that time. He poked his head in the door and asked if I could come outside with him. I told him, “No. It’s 6:30. Time to come in get yogurt.” He knows the word yogurt means get ready for bed. I bet you think he came right inside, don’t you?

He didn’t. He went back outside to jump on the trampoline. 45 minutes later he was in bed reading. He had his “bedlunch”. He brushed, flossed, and rinsed. He was in pajamas. Reading. The same was true for his little brother. 

Now all is quiet. 

Except for the TV. We’re watching Blindspot. Zapato just got knocked out by a gunman. Good times. After this we’ll catch up on The Voice that we missed Monday and Tuesday. Sleep is for the weak. 

My reward for getting the kids to bed is that I get to stay up late and watch shows with guns and violence and “that’s convenient and just in time” thrills. 

What’s your guilty pleasure after the kids go to bed?


37 thoughts on “After the Kids Go To Bed

  1. Even Baby Girl pulled that “It’s wight outside, Mommy” thing on me a couple weeks ago.

    I’m a fan of Netflix and salty snacks, plus catching up on blog stuff when the kids go to bed. We live it up over here.

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  2. Our kids never went to bed early so we didn’t have adult time. Their dad would come home at 7pm-730pm for dinner and well by the time they’ve eaten and bathed and read to it was also our bed time .

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  3. I am puzzled by “it stays lighter laters” Later than what? I think you mean that daylight is prolonged. In which case you might explain why. Does the angle of the sun in relation to the earth have anything to do with the length of the day?


  4. It gets better when they get a little bit older, but man I don’t miss those days. The stall tactics kids come up with to prolong bed time should be published in a book somewhere!


  5. Like so many others, it’s the Netflix time for me. I watched 13 Reasons Why (heavy, but good) and I’m still working my way through How To Get Away With Murder as well as Lucifer.

    Kiddo is also complaining about increased daylight hours. I’ve reassured him that after his STAAR (state aptitude) testing we can possibly give him another half hour to stay up. When summer starts he gets to stay up an hour past his school year bedtime.

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  6. Yep, we are shooting for 730-8 here, but daylight …. ugh! Blackout curtains!!!
    We have a drink, waste time on the internet, watch Netflix (usually defaulting to Futurama, as tonight) or F1 racing. Tonight we worked on a 1000-pc puzzle … truly awesome things we parents do!!! πŸ˜‰

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