W is for


One of the boys asked about WTF? one day. They caught it on my FB or Pinterest  or Twitter while reading over my shoulder unbeknown to me. “It means Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. As in which day would be best for this to occur.”

The answer is always Friday.
Or never, depending on what you’re asking.

Speaking of asking questions and WTF?, today is Thursday. Time to ask some questions to the little urchins.


No, not these urchins.

Since this is episode 40, I think I’ve exhausted my list of questions. So I’ve turned to the internet. Specifically, Q4Kids. Lets see what random questions I can find there. As always, if you have a fun question you think my boys would like to answer, feel free to ask down in the comments. Also, feel free to ask your own kids these questions. Just be sure to link to this post so I can laugh at their answers!

1. If you had a magic bicycle, what magic powers would it have?

Crash: Flying
Bang: Flying and punching

2. Imagine you could give a superpower to someone else in our family. What would it be?

Crash: Throw fireballs to Mom

I would give it to you and the super power would be kicking harder than you

3. If you could make rain taste like anything, what would you make it taste like?

Crash: Pizza
Bang: Apples

4. You have friendly monster living in your closet. What does it look like?

Crash: It has blue reptile like skin, 10 red gleaming eyes, spikes on it’s back

All purple, 60 eyes, 2 mouths, 80 heads, he’s slimy, and very very very skinny

5. You were just bit by a spider that makes you grow an extra body part. Which body part are you going to grow?

Crash: An extra leg so I can run faster

Another skull

6. If you were to bury a treasure where would you bury it?

Crash: Somewhere in China

In Maryland near Nana and Pop Pop’s with a big X

7. What’s the worst super power you can think of?

Crash: Gravity power that makes you go upside down

When I touch stuff it turns into poop

8. What is something you are better at than Mom and Dad?

Crash: Building Lego


9. If our family lived in a zoo, what animal would each of us be?

Crash: Dad would be an orangutan, mom would be, giraffe, I would be a tiger, and Bang would be a rabbit

Dad would be a tiger, mom would be an elephant, I would be a giraffe and Crash would be a turtle

10. What would be the best part of living on a farm?

Crash: Playing in the mud

Feeding my animals

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