#AtoZChallenge L is for Life Long Learning

If we were playing Scattergories that would be a 3 point play. 

I have always encouraged the boys to ask questions. The littlest one seems better at it, but they ask about every subject imaginable. From the universe to anatomy to geology and biology and every other ology out there. I answer their questions as honestly as possible. Sometimes Google is involved. Sometimes pictures are necessary. Other times I adamantly avoid them. Then, on this little blog space, I answer their questions for your amusement and education. The hardest part is remembering to write down their questions so I don’t forget them.

Why are they called the White Sox?

The Chicago White Sox were originally a minor league team called the Sioux City Cornhuskers. This was before the American League was called the American League. They were the Western League, but not like John Wayne western. In 1894 (when my dad was a wee lad) Charles Comiskey bought them, moved them to Saint Paul, Minnesota and was fairly successful. 

In 1900 (when my mom was a wee lass) the Western League changed its name to the American League, but it was still a minor league taking orders from its parent, the National League. With permission, the new American League was allowed to put a team in Chicago, provided they didn’t use the city’s name. So Comiskey moved his St. Paul team to the Near South Side and renamed The White Stockings, a nickname once used by the Cubs. They won the American League pennent that year. That would be the last year the American League would be a minor league. They declined to renew their membership with the National League and declared themselves a Magor League. 

In 1901, the White Stockings won the pennent again. Journalists shortened their name to the White Sox in their headlines and 1904 the White Sox officially adopted the shortened name.

Why are they called Indians?

This is not a question about Native Americans and that Chris Columbus thought he was in India. This is about the Indians from Cleveland who were playing the the former White Stockings in a game of baseball. 

The Grand Rapids Rustlers was founded in 1894. In 1900 they moved to Cleveland and named themselves the Cleveland Lake Shores. Not a very menacing name, really. In 1901, when the American League declared themselves a major league, Cleveland renamed itself the Bluebirds. The players disliked this name, even when it was shortened by journalists to the Blues. They tried Broncos, but it never really caught on. 

It’s debated that when they changed their name to the Cleveland Indians it was in reference to Louis Sockalexis, a Native American player for the Cleveland Spiders. However, in 1915 Native Americans weren’t viewed in the best light so it’s questioned why they would name themselves after a mediocore player. Some say it was in reference to not the player but to the fun he would bring to the crowds. Either way, they’ve been the Indians for 102 years.

How much do cows sleep?
These are the questions that arise at bedtime. When eyes are supposed to be closed, voices silenced, and sleep achieved. While children need 10+ hours of sleep, a cow sleeps for just 4. And it’s not all at once. According to studies (how fun must it be to study the sleep habits of cows?) they sleep for just 1-5 minutes at time throughout the day – mostly at night. They don’t sleep standing up, either. They may go into a half-awake state, but never sleep upright. Because cows lie down to sleep, cow tipping does not exist. 

Why don’t girls have pee pees?

I’m not sure why, but this question keeps popping up in one form or another. Bang has become curious to know the differences. He has also asked if girls have pee pees. I’ve told him before that girls DO have pee pees and while boys have penises, girls have vaginas. Their pee pee isn’t on the outside of their body like a boy’s. It’s on the inside. I certainly didn’t go into any details. This will be the last time I answer this question until he’s old enough to understand more. Next time I’ll send him to his mother. She knows more about them than I do. That, or I’ll just tell him to go Google it himself.

p.s. it’s 11:52, i made it just in time


14 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge L is for Life Long Learning

  1. Learned something about the cows today! Kids are so curious and have an eternal zest to learn. Probably we should learn that from them, as being a life long learner is currently touted as the most important thing for success.
    Celebrating ‘Women & their work’ all April @NamySaysSo L for Lopsided Balance

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