I is for…

 is for inning. Our favorite sport of baseball is back. My O’s are currently in the bottom of the 4th and are losing 1-0 to the Red Sox. I’m currently in the 9th and 5th inning of my boys lives. Their game is 18+ innings which make it more like a round of golf. 

 is also for imagination. Even the humble genius knew that imagination was more important than knowledge. Knowledge will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere. Both boys are extremely imaginative and we allow them their creativities. Well… depending on the mess involved and our desire to clean it or make them clean it.

 is also for inspire. There are so many ways we can inpsire others. As a teacher, it is my goal to inspire my students to want to learn, to want to know more. As a parent I want to inspire the same sense of curiosity, but hopefully I can inspire more. Inspire then to better today than they were yesterday. Inspire them to love more. Inpsire them to clean up their own mess.

 is also for indecisive. I couldn’t think of anything good write, so I wrote something bad. I’m subbing in a primary (kindergarten) class this week. While I’m having fun with them, they don’t leave much energy left at day’s end. So I leave you this post about the letter I. If you’re taking part in the A-Z challenge, I hope you have more insight than I did tonight.

And now my O’s are in the top of the 6th and losing 2-0. I is for irratated.

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