Sunday Share: Week 14

Because I forgot to change the date and time of yesterday’s post, it was published 8 days ago. I thought I’d share it (aka shameless plug) because I thought it was pretty funny. I wrote about frog babies, nerves, seeds, and testicles.

Yesterday was the first day of the A to Z blogging challenge. Today is a day of rest. We’ll pick up with “B” tomorrow. Our local weather forecaster (that’s a link to his video) has predicted 30 cm (12 inches) for Wednesday. WTF? Go home Old Man Winter, you’re drunk.

Not perfect, but definitely good enough…

Modern Mommy Madness
When a kid sneaked out of her room…

Green Grapes
If you’ve ever fought with insurance companies, you’ll appreciate this…

No Page Left Blank
About anxiety and it’s self fulfilling  prophecy…

Coach Daddy
Devices, addictions, and a Mickey Mouse…



18 thoughts on “Sunday Share: Week 14

    • We’re so done with winter. Winter isn’t done with us though. It’s been snowing here all day. Fortunately, it’s not sticking to the roads. A big storm is coming Wednesday apparently. Send that sunshine up our way please! 😀


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