Sunday Share: The Monday Edition

So I didn’t do a Sunday Share yesterday. I did laundry instead.

Today is the first day of spring! We celebrated by shovelling 8 inches of snow out of the driveway. The wet and heavy kind.

Our road trip went well. We accomplished the three things we set out to do – Discovery Centre, visit the boys cousins, and Hope for Wildlife. The Discovery Centre was overcrowded as was March Break and every kid in Nova Scotia was out of school. Visiting DW’s brother and sister-in-law was great. Hope for Wildlife was as uncrowded as the Discovery Centre was crowded. We are planning a trip back this summer when the weather is warmer. I made a vlog style video documenting the trip. I’m currently working on uploading it, but it’s moving as slow as a toddler up the stairs. It’s uploaded! Please check it out. It’s lots of fun!

Happy Reading!

Dad and That
Men and breastfeeding…

Fatty McCupcakes
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My driveway this morning…


29 thoughts on “Sunday Share: The Monday Edition

  1. That first one ( had me in stitches, lol. Of course considering my own views on breastfeeding, and it’s a bit of a contrast (! We called it “Liquid Gold” in our house too. I checked out a few other posts; interesting to get the man’s perspective.

    I right there with Kristin McCarthy ( I’m in the midst of trying to potty-train twins, myself!!!

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    • Thanks for checking them out! (and for visiting me) I couldn’t imagine potty training twins. Our first was hard enough. Our second born was a piece of cake because he wanted to be like big brother. Essentially, big brother potty trained little brother. Dad and That had a great post and had me laughing, too. I’ll check out your take “on my breast behavior” πŸ˜€ Thanks again for stopping by!

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  2. Thank you for sharing my link here! I love your “I did laundry instead.” Is that not just the epitome of life as an adult?! “Sorry, couldn’t do anything fun yesterday. I had 87 loads of laundry to do.” UGH! I hate adulting and laundry!


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