Dads Are Parents Too

Word up, Dads! We get some recognition from Man vs Mommy who writes a beautiful post about the unfair portrayal of men in a TV show. More and more dads are more and more involved in their children’s and family’s lives these days. No long do we come home from work and veg out in front of the TV expecting to be catered to just because we were at work. Please take a moment to read…

Man vs Mommy

The television is on in the background while my husband and I are getting dinner together for ourselves.  It’s a show that neither of us have seen before, a typical family sitcom, and we each catch a few lines here and there and chuckle.  At one point, my husband asks me what is actually happening on the episode, as he has been unable to garner the theme from just the few scattered scenes he has watched.  I stop and pay attention for a minute or two and it becomes very clear that this is the type of episode of family television that I absolutely loathe – the kind where the dad is a bumbling idiot who doesn’t know how to parent and is attempting to prove to the mom, the overachieving perfect parent, that he can do the bare minimum of tasks without her help.

lazy dadI find…

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9 thoughts on “Dads Are Parents Too

  1. Amen! That kind of TV show (and ads, too – ads are the WORST at showing bumbling dads!) annoys me so much that I don’t watch sitcoms anymore … except The Big Bang Theory. It’s so hurtful to our kids because if they watch it they get the wrong idea COMPLETELY. This might be why so many millennials are misguided…. But look at books, too – have you noticed Papa Bear in the Berenstain Bear series is usually the real oaf and almost always at fault? I loved that series as a kid, but as a mom it just breaks my heart to see a misrepresented dad. My husband is very hands on and loving (as I can see you are to your boys), and I hope this is becoming the norm!

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    • I didn’t even think of books! The Berenstain Bears are classic for showing the bumbling dad. All he does is watch TV, fish, and fix things around the treehouse. Hopefully, I’m leading by example for my kids so when they enounter this inequality in media and print they don’t think it’s the norm. I LOVE Big Bang Theory 🙂 Not meaning to stereotype Millennials like the media has fathers, but I think Millennials are misguided more because of how they were raised – participation trophies, not being made to work for their wants, and a hundred other things. Cheers to hands on dads!

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      • And Papa Bear is always the one eating junk food and forgetting his manners along with the cubs – Mama Bear is always the saint! (Although, as my husband points out, she was the one buying the junk food at the supermarket….) Love the books still, though. You are right about millennials, yes. I think they watch these sitcoms though – hopefully they do not emulate the bumbling dads!


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