10 Questions I Asked My Kids

Welcome to Thursday. That makes tomorrow Friday! They’re calling for some snow here tomorrow night. 5-10 cm. Not much. But it is much because it’s March. They’re calling for another 10-20 sometime next week. But this is Cape Breton, ‘bye. That’ll change a dozen times between now and then. Plus we’re making a road trip next week. We don’t need no snow storm screwin’ up our plans.  I’m officially ready for spring. I’m tired of winter clothes.

1. If you were going to live on a desserted island, what 3 things would you want to take with you?

Crash: Food, games, and a TV
Bang: Ice cream, Cookies, and Toostie Rolls

2. When is a time I made you angry?

Crash: Not let me on my electronics
Bang: When we lost electronics

3. Want to be when you grow up?

Crash: Construction and ride in the cherry picker
Bang: Construction worker and drive the cherry picker

4. How can you tell when two people love each other?

Crash: They usally play together a lot
Bang: Because they’re hugging

5. What’s a good name for a pet elephant?

Crash: Geronimo
Bang: Tronto

6. What do you think your teacher likes best about you?

Crash: Everything
Bang: That I listen at school

7. What is something mom or dad can do that you wish you could do?

Crash: Stay up late all night and have unlimited amount of electronics
Bang: Play basketball

8. If you could have any animal in the world for a pet, what would you want?

Crash: A chameleon that can change colors
Bang: Giraffe

9. What Mom’s best body part?

Crash: Her head
Bang: Her ribs

10. What’s Dad’s best body part?

Crash: His arms
Bang: His skull


25 thoughts on “10 Questions I Asked My Kids

  1. Bang’s “her head” and “his skull” — I am dying over here!

    We had 75 degree weather today and the weatherman is saying we’re getting a freeze this weekend with the possibility of a dusting. Crazy weather!

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  2. The ‘ribs’ answer certainly made me laugh! And the answer to question #4 is just so cute…

    The spring is here in ENgland, daffodils are boarding the streets and there’s buds in the trees. But it’s bloody raining all the time! Though we recently had *two* days of sun in a row… I swear, two!


  3. I wish there were a ‘love’ button instead of just that mealy-mouthed ‘like’. I look forward so much to reading your ‘questions I ask my kids’. This week, aside from the howlers involving electronics and construction — and yes, the ‘ribs’!!!!!!! — I am seriously pleased with this exchange:
    4. How can you tell when two people love each other?
    Crash: They usally play together a lot
    Now there’s a Life Lesson for everyone.
    Thank you — and thank Crash and Bang for me, please.

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    • Aww.. Thank you so much Alice! Best comment ever! Yeah, they get pretty pissy when I take electronics away. That’s how I know it works. They’ve now gone 2 weeks without, minus one day they were allowed and then lost them right after. I was totally not expecting them to name those body parts as the best. I bet that answer will change in a year’s time. I love asking them about love. They never fail to entertain on that one 🙂 I will be sure to thank them for you.

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    • I checked out a book about giraffes from the library. It said their tongues are 21 inches long! He wanted me to measure his tongue after that. Not sure why he has chosen a giraffe but more power to him 🙂


  4. Hahahaha! I Love the quote at the bottom. Who’d have thought you could ruin their life by asking them to put on their pants; amongst other things. A chameleon is ALWAYS a good idea for a pet and who doesn’t like ribs and skulls. Brilliant! 🙂

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