Who We’d Give a Million Dollars to, in 6 Words

I’m a little late with the reblog, but it’s still just as good. My “strange blogging friend” asked what we’d do with a million dollars if we couldn’t keep it for ourselves but we can only use 6 words. Think about what you would do with it, then head over and see what’s Eli’s “strange blogging friends” would do.

t-words-million-lede photo credit: DocChewbacca Greed via photopin(license)

One million dollars.

6 words graphicNotice: This post won’t reference Dr. Evil’s famous demand for one million dollars in the Austin Powers movie. I’ve never seen the damn thing. Seems kind of dumb. It’s one of those pop culture things a curmudgeon like me just didn’t get into.

Kind of like the Harlem Shake, The Walking Dead, and anything to do with Kobe Bryant.

The fine citizens listed below in this post, however, know just what to do with a million dollars. In six words. I asked strangers, friends, and strange blogger friends, “If you had $1,000,000 but you had to give it to other people, who would you give it to?”

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