Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you A Momma’s View for this award nomination. I’m honored. I’m flattered. I’m a mystery.

A big shout out goes to the creator of this award, Okoto Enigma, who came up with a really nice way of showing appreciation to other bloggers.

So let’s tackle it 😉

The rules:

  • Display award on blog
  • List rules
  • Mention creator of the award & provide link
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link
  • Say three things about yourself
  • Nominate 10 to 20 other bloggers
  • Notify nominees by commenting on their blog
  • Answer five questions from your nominee
  • Write five questions for your nominees to answer
  • Share your best post

Three things about me:

I’m stronger than I look. I’m faster than I look. I’m almost as smart as I look.

The bloggers I would like to nominate are:

Ah Dad

Coach Daddy

Grubbs n Critters

That’s What Anxious Mom Said

Green Grapes

Dramatic Momologue

Who’s My Favorite Today?

I know that I have not nominated 10 bloggers or more but those are who easily came to mind. Please pay them a visit and check them out. They are sure worth it 

5 questions for me:

  • What is the dream you most want to achieve?

Survive my kids and grow old with DW. 

  • If you’ve ever been in love, what was it like? If you’ve had your first kiss, what was it like? If not, what is your favorite dessert?

Being in love is like eating your favorite food while watching your favorite movie and washing it down with your favorite drink. My first kiss with DW was like that first piece of candy cane white chocolate Lindor truffle at Christmas time. My favorite dessert is pumpkin pie with a bucket of Cool Whip on top.

  • What do you do when no one’s watching? 

I play the boys’ Nintendo DS (Mario Maker or Mario Kart 7). I sneak chocolate. I might pick my nose and scratch my butt.

  • What is a really embarrassing moment you’ve had?

I can’t list just one as they’re have been many. I got my head stuck in a cinder block when I was two. Though that’s more embarrassing today than it was 38 years ago. My car started acting funny. I barely got it home and told my dad. He took a look at it and told me I ran out of gas.

  • What book that was assigned to you to read by a teacher did you most enjoy reading?

Flowers for Algernon. I read it in high school and enjoyed it. I read it again a couple years ago and enjoyed it even more. 

I actually liked the questions and would love for my nominees to answer the same questions as well.

My favorite post to write was Life Before and After Kids. My most viewed post is The Value of A Teacher.


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