Have you ever wanted to write?

Have you ever wanted to just sit and sling so much wisdom and insight that your readers were left more amazed than a Cirque de Soleil audience?

I have numerous (26) drafts in my draft folder, but I don’t feel like writing about the state of our education system. That’s already been covered and really, there isn’t much I could say about that to leave people with the feeling of amazement. My blog is 92.5% centered on parenting as I tend to write about the boys, Crash and Bang. But they’ve frustrated me recently and I don’t feel like writing about them either. There’s nothing amazing about the piles of ice about to rain down on us sometime tomorrow. Except maybe the pictures. I’ll save a thousands words by posting pictures of it tomorrow. 

I want to write something so amazing you’ll be left sitting in your chair slack jawed and gasping for breath. It’ll be so brilliant you’ll need to wear sunglasses under a welding visor. 

But I got nothin’.

Not a flicker.

Not a spark.

Not a thought worthy of a hangry toddler.

Have you ever wanted to spew soliloquy so splendidly, but the only words you’re spewing are synonymous of a lactose intolerant infant after breasfeeding? Have you ever wanted to shine like the light of a thousand dessert suns, but came up with nothing more than the universe’s largest, blackest hole? 

Me, too.


14 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. Instead of writing – I have been cleaning lately. My house is f’ing immaculate right now. There is an episode of Big Bang Theory wherein Sheldon theorizes that if he focuses his energy on something else, then he can solve dark matter (or maybe it’s some other scientific quandary). Either way – my house is clean and while I scrub, sometimes the words start to pop into my head. Also – the crud has now hit our house. Blerg.


    • I remember that episode. I think that’s the one where he meets Stephen Hawking (but I could be wrong). Sorry for passing on the crud to your house. Hope it passes quickly! And if you get tired of cleaning your house you can come clean ours! πŸ˜€


  2. Beautifully written all the same. πŸ˜‰ Recently I want to write, and I know the millions of things I want to write about, but I’m too distracted. Sometimes I’m distracted by all my ideas, lack of sleep, ill feelings, and noisy toddlers. So many untouched ideas that my draft box has been filling to embarrassingly new heights.


    • LOL You got the joke! πŸ˜€ I made “nothing to write about” something to write about. Dang toddlers… Hope you got a laugh or two out of it, too. My draft folder has tons of ideas, but they’re not done simmering yet. They’re waiting for the right time.

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  3. I know how you feel. I experienced that recently so I wrote a letter to my brother. It was like clearing the lukewarm water out of a garden hose on a hot day so you can get to the cool water. My brother will forgive me.

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  4. My Draft folder is filled, too. Some days I’ll sit down to write, then I get bored of what I’m saying, so I just stop. Other days I can’t get a single word on the page.


  5. 26 drafts are a lot to start with! I only have a few drafts and they stay on being a draft as I have been lazy to think. There are days where it would take me ages to write the first sentence…these days though, it just gets a little harder to think! And I realise, recipes always make a good post. LOL.


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