Sunday Share Week 4

Some bug has infected our house so you might want to read this from a safe distance. Definitely wash your hands with soap and hot water afterwards. Bang caught it last Thursday. Crash caught it last night. I’m not feeling so hot myself. With the exception of DW and Bang going grocery shopping it’s been a pretty quiet day around here.  But you didn’t come here for that. Or at least I hope you didn’t. You came to find some good reads. So what did I find for you this fourth week of January?

Happy reading!

Fatty McCupcakes
What you might see while sitting on the toilet…

Four Princesses and the Cheese
How Disneyland just got better…

Green Grapes
A dose of the HAHAHAs…

Not the Average Mama
When a kid wants a push on the mood swing…

Making Time for Me
On making time…

Messy Goes to Okido – a science show we watch a hundred times a day…

8 thoughts on “Sunday Share Week 4

  1. Ugh – family germs are the worst!! Maybe that explains the grouchy behavior you were seeing? My kiddos have lots of attitude before a big virus hits. We went to a bit open park today – perfect spot for “droning” and thought of you guys. 😊

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    • Awesome! We haven’t had the drone at the park yet, just the backyard. We need non windy days. The germs could explain the attitude. Now that the oldest is officially sick there was no attitude from him today. I’m guessing once the sickness has passed he’ll back to his “preteen” self (even though he’s only 9). I bought a “lonely banana” the other day! 😀

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  2. Yikes, I plan to delete this article and spray my computer with Lysol. We need a few germs around to build immunity, but hand washing really does seem to make a difference. Kids usually love to use those little bottles of disinfecting gel too.


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