Sunday Share: One More Week!!!

So Friday was a snow day here. We got about 8 inches of snow Thursday night. Then the winds picked up to about 80 kph (50 mph). All that snow and all that wind made a combo as messy as the number 2 from Taco Bell. Then Saturday the temperature dropped to -14 C with a -28 C windchill (8 F with a windchill of -18F). Then today it’s 10 C (50F). Go home Mother Nature. You’re drunk!

Wherever this last weekend before Christmas finds you, I hope it finds you happy and healthy.

Alyssa Minaker
The taste of sunshine

I love knowing I’m related to bats!

Snoozing on the Sofa
How you know it’s Christmas time…

Four Princesses and the Cheese
Not your average 12 days of Christmas (Shit!)

Green Grapes
Some one asked her, “What do you want for Christmas?”


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