The Daily Elf

I owe you two daily elves since I didn’t pay up last night. Last night we played “Watch Ya Mouth” with the boys. We have never laughed so hard. It was a great family night. Then we got the boys tucked into bed and took said game to a friend’s house and laughed even more. Through all this laughing and not getting home until midnight, I didn’t have time to post what Woody and Elfis were up to. Yesterday they spent the day nearly outside. They must be acclimated to the cold because it was -14 C with a windchill of -28! Fortunately, they weren’t in the wind. Just in the window between the inside and outside door.


Today they came back inside. They also brought a couple cups with them. They crouched themselves inside their Charlie Brown Christmas cups amongst the snowy scene that I always used to think was a nativity set but is really a house with Christmas Carolers and angels. The two snowmen were 3D printed at the library. The crystal above could be interpreted as a star, but is held in place by two dragons.



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