The Daily Elf

They were a bit harder to find this morning as they weren’t hiding in an obvious location. As Crash was at a sleepover at his Nanny’s last night, it was up to Bang to find them. He didn’t find them until after breakfast…

No shenanigans today. They didn’t even move! Sometime they’ll hop from stocking to stocking. Guess it was too cold for them to get out of their snugly spots.

Our Random Act of Kindness today was to call someone we haven’t talked to for a while. We called my brother and sister-in-law and their two kids in South Korea. While here it was Saturday night  and we were getting the boys ready for bed, over there they were just waking up on Sunday morning. Kinda feels like time travelling. They are just as excited for Christmas over there as we are. Except for the Christmas tree. My brother’s 6 year old thinks the star atop their tree is ugly and isn’t shy about letting everyone know.



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