The Daily Elf

Geez! These elves LOVE their cookies! And my cookies.

All the cookies, really.

Every time I make cookies, I find these two stealing them. I don’t mind this time. It was Woody’s birthday. We read his baby book and found out he came to us on December 7th, 2011.

Crash and Bang went crashing and banging down the stairs as fast their thunder feet would take them. “Happy birthday Woody!” they shouted. Then Bang just HAD to write him a birthday note. We were already an hour past bedtime.

But like all good ideas, they come at bedtime. So he wrote his note. Otherwise there would be no sleep.


A birthday note for Woody with an after thought for Elfis


Mmmm Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!


6 thoughts on “The Daily Elf

  1. Ha, the elf!!! Ours is off to a slow and not very creative start, but yesterday we finally got in the game and the kids found him having a tea party with a dinosaur and mermaid this morning…. I’ll be watching for ideas to copy ๐Ÿ™‚

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