Questions I Asked My Kids

Time is marching on. Christmas is now just 17 days away and Crash and Bang have asked for some stuff that might require time for shipping or we’ll need to pull a lucky charm from our posterior to get them under the tree in time. Naturally, the Jolly Old Elf doesn’t bring everything they ask for. When they only ask for three things and one of them is all he talks about (see #4) you kind of do what you have to do. Especially after watching them do their random acts of kindness with such gusto. They’re trying so hard to be good!

I’m pretty sure this is what DW is getting from me this year. It’s only $69.95!


You can thank me later, hon.

1. What is your favorite thing to do during winter?

Crash: Go snowboarding
Bang: Sit in the house and watch T.V…. NO NO! Actually, go sledding.

2. What has been your favorite Random Act of Kindness so far?

Crash: The cookies we delivered yesterday to the police and paramedics
Bang: Delivering treats to the ambulance drivers and the police

3. What has been your favorite thing that Woody and Elfis has done so far?

Crash: Make snowballs and snowmen with the marshmallows
Bang: Make some kindness on my birthday list (when they wrote back to him on the birtday note he wrote for Woody… see today’s Daily Elf)

4. What 2 things do you want for Christmas?

Crash: A drone with a camera that flies well and Minecraft mini figures
Bang: A button train to put around the Christmas tree and a remote controlled car

5. What do you think Mom wants for Christmas?

Crash: A Bra
Bang: Lipstick

6. What do you think Dad wants for Christmas?

Crash: (Bang wispers “lipstick” and giggles) Probably a drone.
Bang: An Ambulance

7. How old is Santa Claus?

Crash: 206
Bang: 103

8. Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Crash: Because that’s when Jesus was born and the wise men gave him gifts
Bang: Because it’s a special day because you get gifts. And Jesus was born that day.

frosty-the-snowman-advanced-graphics-emnsa7-clipart9. If we made a snowman and he came to life, what would you want to do with him?

Crash: Go thumpity thump thump over the hills of snow
Bang: Play with him just like Frosty the Snowman. We’d play baseball.

10. If Baby Jesus came to our house, what would you want to tell him?

Crash: I would want to tell him “You will save the world”
Bang: Merry Christmas

Bonus: (because this is the question Bang wanted me to ask him)

Why are ghosts invisible?

Crash: so they can sneak up on people
Bang: Because they want to attack you without people seeing you


13 thoughts on “Questions I Asked My Kids

  1. Love your kids answers. Kids are what make Christmas fun. If you give the toaster, have a back up gift like something shiny inside you’ll need it lol. I don’t know how old yours kids are but you can find fun drones for cheap so they can try them out. My brother who is in his 40s got one and immediately crashed it into the wall.

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    • The ghost question was a question the 5 year old wanted me to ask. That’s why it’s a bonus because it has nothing to do with the Christmas season 🙂 The acts of kindness was my wife’s idea, but we’re all benefiting from it. Why wait? The world could always use more kindness. How about starting a 12 days of Christmas countdown acts of kindness 🙂


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