My Two Buddies

Some people love ’em.

Some people hate ’em.

I’m a love ’em sorta dad. Since today is December 1st we made sure to haul out the Christmas decoration yesterday. Fortunately, the boys were home from school. Not because of the two inches of snow we got but because it was an in-service day for the teachers.

We began the day by buying snow boots. It’s amazing how fast feet grow between March and November! Then we played in the snow. Bang and I built a snowman. The snow was so wet and heavy that he ended up crushing himself (the snowman, not Bang). He was mad because he couldn’t figure out what to use for eyes. Crash attempted to snowboard down the driveway. The snow was so wet and sticky that he did more scooting than boarding. He got mad and stormed inside because he was “frozen”. I told him to “let it go. let it go. Don’t hold it back any more”.

Anyway… back to where this was going…

Where were we going, again?

Oh yeah… Christmas decorations. The boys and I hauled the stuff up from the basement. The Fisher Price Little People nativity scene is erected. Bang likes to pretend it’s a train and pulls baby Jesus all over the house.


Yes. That’s a wise man where the Angel should be.

The “winter scene” is arranged on the bookshelf.


All the beautiful angels are watching over the cozy house and the 3D printed snowmen.

Both boys homemade and schoolmade handmade decoration are up. I’ll share these in the days to come. These are the special pieces. They’re irreplaceable. They are priceless items that could never be replaced because they’ll never again be the age and size they were when they made them. Unless I find a Delorean and 1.21 gigawatts.

The lights were put in the window and the Christmas tree was put up. Mind you, it wasn’t decorated because of a SNAFU (I love that spellcheck doesn’t underline that word). It’s weird how you when you unplug the Christmas tree in January all the twinkly lights are shining happily. Yet, when you plug it back in in December half of them burned out. WTH? How do they burn out when they’re not plugged in? I have one guess.

The elves did it.

You see, we have two mischievous elves who LOVE Christmas lights. They return to our house with joy and excitement every year when they see our lights beckoning them. So if you’re looking for elf ideas or just a simple reminder to move them (right Anxious Mom?) you’ll find that here. As I did last December, I’ll have my regular post plus an Elf update. I already have a few idea for Woody and Elfis. Crash found them at 5:45 this morning. Bang woke at 6:30 and came bounding down the stairs to find them. To be honest, I’m as excited as the boys to see these two back in action.

The magic is working.


Elfis in the penguin cup because Bang stuffie at night is a penguin. Woody is in a Moose cup because he has an uncle who has called him “MOOOOOOSE” since he was born.




34 thoughts on “My Two Buddies

  1. Your reaction to “I’m frozen” still makes me laugh… I wonder how he took it??? Isn’t it nice to put up Christmas decorations? Is it just me or do you start humming Christmas songs too while decorating the house?

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  2. This is great! I love it when kids get involved in the holiday decorating. It makes it feel more real and they’re connected to it instead of coming downstairs one morning and BOOM, the house got decorated last night by mom and dad. And there would be no Jesus getting zoomed around in a train, I’m sure. (In our house, the nativity figures are rearranged daily, except baby Jesus – he’s “sleeping” in the manger, eternally, I guess.)

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    • My hope is that if they’re included now, getting them to help and spend special family time when they’re older won’t be a battle. My wife and I hang the fragile ornaments and we let them hang the rest wherever they want. Even if they put 2 on one branch 🙂 And we bought the nativity scene with the intention of it getting played with. Didn’t think it would become a train! Our baby Jesus is eteranally sleeping in a manger, too. He still drives the “train”!


  3. I love Christmas. Managed to hold off on putting up decorations yet! As much as I love it I can’t cope a month of decorations! Looking forward to seeing all your homemade decorations. Thanks for linking up with us #FabFridayPost


    • I love it. I enjoy seeing the decorations for a month 🙂 Thanks for the reminder on the homemade ones. I’ll start closing out my posts with photos of them! Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Oh wow, you guys have snow! Your decorations and your elves are so sweet, but you’re right, the home-made ones are always the best. They hold so many memories.#FabFridayPost


    • Especially the ornaments that have a piece of them – a handprint or a footprint or a photo marking them at a certain size in their life. They’re so much fun to revisit in the future. Unfortunately, they also act as sad reminders that they don’t say little for long. We do have snow. It all melted and then it snowed again! Fingers crossed for a white Christmas! It was 21C (52F) last Christmas day!

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