Sunday Share Skating

You know what they say…

When in Rome

or Canada.

When in Canada be Canadian. The boys have been asking to go ice skating. We got them skates yesterday. Hand me downs. We weren’t about to pay full price for something that may or may not be used very much. Or may turn out we use them lots. Who knows. Anyway, today we’re off to the ice rink!

In case you happen to be lounging around this Sunday, here are a few good reads…

Nocturnal Mom Talks
It’s your money, keep it…

Raw Childhood
When boys won’t be boys and girls be girls…

Kippers and Curtains
Go fly a kite

Not the Average Mama
Seems appropriate to share a story about Sunday Dinner with family

Making Time for Me
I’m thankful for all of you who give me great stuff to share… here’s what Stephanie’s thankful for…

Last, but not least, watch Crash and Bang answer 10 questions. How many M&M’s do you think they think they can eat?


Some dads have great ideas!



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