The Dad Tax

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I’ll just start you off with the two best pictures of yesterday. They were so hyped up on excitement and Halloween that this is the best we got.

We drove to a few friends houses who don’t live withing walking distance (on kids legs on trick or treating night). Then we walked. Nanny lives just 3 houses up the road.


No joke.

3 houses.

That’s when Bang started complaining that his legs were tired. We made it up the rest of the street, though he was none too happy about it. He was still saying “trick or treat” and thank you politely. He would even throw in, “Zombies in the full moon” after receiving his treat. Crash never really caught on how it worked. He’d knock, say trick or treat, get his treat, say thank you, then just stand there. I’m not sure if he was expecting to be invited inside for tea or coffee or what. Instead of getting off the porch to make room for others, he’d just stand there in Lalaland.

Anyway, Bang only made it a bit further. At his last house he became belligerent and rudely told a gentleman thank you. So I tried to talk to him, tried to reason with him. I would have had better luck reasoning with the lamp post we were standing under. I tried to tell him he need to be polite, not mean. Especially to the people who were giving him treats. He didn’t care. His only goal was to get home.

So home we went.

Crash, his mother, his friend, and his friend’s mother continued on. At the end of the street there is a couple who do up their house as a haunted house. It’s always great fun to see. We usually just trick-or-treat to that house then return home. Bang and I didn’t get to that house this year.

Next year, I think Bang will stay home and hand out treats to the dozen or so kids who show up at our place.

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween! Enjoy the taxation without representation. It tastes soooo good!

14 thoughts on “The Dad Tax

  1. Hahaha! I had a couple kids try to come inside last night. I was sitting on the porch handing out treats and they decided to go behind me and try to open the door to go inside. Not sure what they planned to do when they got in there. πŸ˜€

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  2. I think my children, especially my daughter, would crawl on all four to go to even more houses to do some trick or treating. We have to walk quite a bit here as not every house does Halloween and you have to find the ones that do, especially this year as we are new in the area. But we managed. The kids (with some of the parents) were gone for over an hour but came home with a big smile on their faces.


    • I don’t think he thinks he’s too big. I think he just has low expectations on how much junk he wants. Crash would probably walk until day break the next morning if people kept filling his bag with chocolate. I don’t blame him, I would, too. Bang decided long before that that he has enough is ready to call it quits. Plus he had been in school all day and it was past his bedtime. So I really don’t fault him, but it still sucks.


      • aww…poor kid. Are people starting to replace chocolates with fruits or *gasps* snackable cucumbers/carrots for tricks or treats?
        I was suggesting something a little “healthier” for the upcoming St. Maarten here this week and he said to do that, and no kids will come knocking on our door next year. :p bwahahhaha!

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      • He’s very right. We remember who gives fruit and veggies. We don’t go there again. We also remember who gives cans of soda and full chocolate bars. We make sure to go there the next year. It wouldn’t have mattered what people were handing out. He was done and that’s all there was to it.

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