SuNdAy ShArE

Tomorrow is Halloween. For us anyway. For my brother and his family in S. Korea (and every one else on the other side of the world) it’ll be Halloween in just a few minutes. We are about to carve our jack-o-lanterns.

Can you guess what tomorrow’s post will be about?

If you guess butter crackers, you’re wrong. Guess again.

So while you’re sitting around, eating the Halloween candy you’re suppose to hand out tomorrow, here are a few good blogs (and one youtube).

Oh. Did you see the Google Doodle today? It’s a pretty fun game. I made it to level 4 with 25,280 points before the ghosts got me.

Back to School Margaret
Good in the classroom…

A Momma’s View
The point of being human…

Unite and Inspire
Be who you are…

Pencils and Purpose
Students reading? And liking it…

Green Grapes
Find your silver lining…

Crash and Bang try to lick their elbow…
(ignore the big, stupid banner)


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