Go Ask Your Father: Heaven, Cat’s Bellies, Floating, Bums

It was another rainy Saturday. I wouldn’t mind it but I have this condition that seriously effects me when it rains on the weekend. It’s called “bored kid syndrome”. It flares pretty bad when I try to make them clean. Today, I tried to get them to clean some messes around the house, primarily their toys in the basement. Have your kids ever mooed at you? That’s what the 9 year old does when I ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Like clean something. It’s not a big moo. He just says, “mmmm”. But not the “mmm” one says when biting into the first bite of a chocolate cheese cake. It’s a “mmm” a cow would make without opening its mouth. So I told them they 30 minutes to get it clean and then I’d go down with a garbage bag to clean anything that wasn’t cleaned by them. 20 minutes later the basement was clean and my garbage bag remained empty. 

Is this heaven?

Last weekend was a sad weekend. DW had two aunts (one from her mom’s side, one from her dad’s side) pass away within days of each other. The boys understand death and what it means. When Crash was the age Bang is now he struggled with it. It worried him. It kept him up at night. He’s okay with it now. I was still a bit unsure taking them to the wake. We walk into the funeral home and Bang asks, “Is this Heaven?” It was carpeted, quiet, paintings hanging on the wall. I suppose a 5 year could think he was in Heaven. I prefer to think of heaven as a bakery with books and lots of nature and animals and loved ones. Needless to say, he put a smile on our face and laugh in voice at a time when it was difficult to do either.

What’s the pouch under a cat’s belly?

It’s not a pouch of fat like I get during the winter months. Love handles?  I just called it a pouch. I didn’t know any more than that until tonight. It’s called a “Primordial Pouch”. It’s a layer of protection for when they’re in a fight and the enemy is rabbit kicking. You know when you’re rubbing their belly and they’re loving it. Then suddenly they freak out, grab your hand and shred your arm. Big cats like lions and tigers have a primordial pouch, too. I don’t recommend rubbing their bellies. This pouch also aids in allowing them extend their back legs fully while running. It can store fat should Cat gain too much weight. Like mine does.

Why can’t I float in the bathtub? 

Our backyard holds water during heavy rains. The puddle that forms is really fun to play in. I’ve been known to join the kids (I beat them out there on occassion) during the warm, summer rains. But when the temps drop to 10 I let the kids out on their own. This is how it was the day this question was asked. The boys donned their swim suits and went and spashed in the 50 (F) degree water. 

They came in shivering.

Crash headed to his room for warm, dry clothes. Bang headed to the tub for a warm bath. He filled it unusually high. Enough so he could nearly float. Then he learned about boyancy. He discovered when he breathed in he float up and when he breathed out he would sink. Obviously the air in your lungs causes this. However, there is something else at play when this happens in the tub. The tub is fresh water (even if it’s dirty). This just means it is not salt water. Salt adds weight to water. This means that when an object displaces water (pushes it out of the way to make room for itself) the water it pushes out of the way weighs more and therefore can hold up more weight. Some things, like eggs, sink in fresh water yet float in salt. Try this experiement to see for yourself.

Is inside your bum brown?

God bless Bang at bedtime. We never know what he’s going to ask about. It could be the origins of life, death, or what color the inside of your bum is. I assumed that he connect the color of his poop (which is also the most disgusting thing he and his brother can think of) and the color of his organ. He was surprised when I told him that his colon, which is also called the large intestine, is pink just like the rest of his organs. Actually, it’s more of a reddish-brown. The large intestine is shorter, but wider, than the small intestine. It is the connection from the small intestine to your rectum and anus. No, they’re not brown.Well, not unless you forgot to wipe.




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    • I’ve started “mmmm”ing back at them. Of course they find it funny when I do it. So it doesn’t really work on them. Perhaps it’s climate change that causing siblings to bounce off the walls and annoy each other? I like my idea of heaven, too πŸ˜‰

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