Life Before and After Kids

Here is “Set Back Saturday”… One of my favorite posts that I have written Since I started blogging. Life before we had kids was significantly different than it is today. Not necessarily for better or worse. Just different.

All In A Dad's Work

We all had a life before our little parasites came along to suck every ounce of energy from our marrow. Our life was our own to do as we pleased. Beyond the scope of normal life responsibilities – work, bills, and doing whatever the hell we wanted – we were pretty free. Normal things were normal. Simply using the bathroom wasn’t even a thought. We just did our business and washed our hands. But life has changed drastically since those days. *If you don’t have kids, let this be your warning.*

Going out the door. You put on your shoes, your coat, then left. What’s there to think about?

You holler to the kids that you’re leaving. NOW! Get your coat on, get your shoes on. Find one kid’s shoes, find the other kid’s coat. Argue that it’s cold outside and they need to wear winter coats, not…

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