Go Ask Your Father: Knowing, Playing, Making, Cutting…


A blurry photo of their first time playing Skee Ball. They earned enough tickets for a piece of gum and Tootsie Roll.

Here were are at another Friday. Arguably, it’s the best day of the week. Personally, I prefer good old Tuesdays. Now that’s a great day.

Just kidding. Everyone loves Saturdays!

Hope y’all have a good great weekend!

Do you know everything?

Lets just say I know enough to make you think I know it all. It’s easy when they’re five. I even tried to admit I don’t know everything.

He didn’t believe me!

He then asked, “Do you know how paper mills work?” (We have a paper factory here). I know a little bit about how they work simply because I know how paper is made. I explained to him how to make paper. “So you must know everything.” Crash has learned that I sometime fudge the truth so it appears I know what I’m talking about. After an explanation he’ll ask, “really?” Kind of like when my parents tried to tell me eggs came from chickens! I knew better. They come from grocery stores. My parents didn’t know everything. Then I’ll throw the question, “What do you think?” back at him just to make him think about what I said and compare it to reality.

Who’s going to play with me?

We all holler “not it!” and touch our noses. The last one to touch their nose has to play whatever made up game with no rules Bang has devised.

Just kidding.

We play with him. Our poor, attention deprived, little mongrel. We play Bug Trails. We play plasma cars. We play kickity kickball. We usually hear this question after someone stops playing and he’s not ready to be done playing so he comes looking for someone else to play with him. Which leads me to believe we should have had 4 kids, not 2. This way there are plenty of kids around to play with. (DW’s uterus just thunder punched me)

Why is called “made from scratch”?

Our cookies are made from scratch. Perhaps I’ll share our recipe with you one day. They’re to die for. Well, not die, really, but they’re good enough to devour. But why do we say they’re from scratch when nothing is scratched. It dates back to when starting lines were “scratched” into the dirt. If you weren’t all that fast (say Crash vs. Usain) you’d get a head start. However, if you were on equal terms you would start from the scratch. Eventually, starting from the scratch came to mean the very beginning. So it wouldn’t matter if you talking about a race or golf or cycling or baking, from scratch meant the start line.

Did they cut me open when I had heart surgery?

I wrote about this a while ago in a post titled “With An Open Heart“. Yes, Crash, they cut you open to operate on your heart. Your ribs were separated and sewn back together with titanium. Your little heart was only the size of a strawberry. Your pulmonary artery and your aorta were switched. They were the size of a barrel of a pen. Your coronaries to were switched, too. They were as small as the tip of a pen. It was done by a surgeon who was probably 6’2” and had massive hands. But they were sure and steady hands. We were told they are the best hands on the east coast. I believe it because every heart checkup Crash has had in the last 9 years has been nothing but good news.


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